Even today, more than 650 million people have no access to safe water. The font of life is an azul recreoTM initiative to help rewrite this reality through a font we download in exchange for our donations.


100% of the proceeds will support projects of development and implementation of safe water fountains and sanitation in countries such as Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania, and Mozambique.



*After your purchase, you will receive an email with the font's download link.

The font of life is a modular typeface. It consists of two styles: stencil and line.


Its design is inspired by the water movement and its geometric representation, and it is conceived for headlines.


Download it with your donation.


*After your purchase, you will receive an email with the font's download link.

The impact of the lack of water, sanitation

and hygiene on people's lives is huge.


This is part of the reality that you will help

to rewrite with your donation:


Lack access to safe water is the 1st leading cause of death in the world, even before war killings.

200 millones

Women and children use 200 million hours daily to collect water. This means less independence and an unequal distribution of chances for them.

443 millones

Children lose nearly 443 million school days every year because of water-related diseases.


80 %

80% of the diseases in the world are related to water and sanitation problems.

ONGAWA is an NGO whose mission is to put technology at the service of human development to build a more just and supportive society.


They work to improve people's lives and guarantee the exercise of their rights.


None of this would have been possible without the selfless help of many people:


Thanks, Gaston Bruno for building a 'home' to 'The font of life'. Thank you, Jaby Jiménez for composing such an inspiring song. Thank you, Daniel Relova for giving voice to the problem and the project. Thanks, Ruye for spicing up the video, and thanks, Ciaran Quinn for becoming bilingual that same video.


We also thank all people and the media for helping spread the word. Thanks to ONGAWA and, especially, all those who are rewriting this reality by downloading 'The font of life'.